Situation: A seed company needed research conducted quickly to guide the development of its new marketing plan. It was apparent they needed both quantitative and qualitative information from gardeners to drive their decisions, but they only had a couple of weeks before the planning meeting. Time and cost were both barriers.

Solution: What They Think Research conducted an online quantitative survey with 300 gardeners that had purchased seeds for their garden in the past year. Using special software that qualified participants for a qualitative online bulletin board depending on how they answered specified questions, participants were immediately screened for eligibility in the online discussion. Those that qualified were able to opt in and begin participation in the online bulletin board immediately.

Result: Within 10 minutes of the survey going live, eight participants qualified for the Online Bulletin Board. Overall, of the 101 gardeners who qualified, 54 opted in to participate in the qualitative portion. What They Think Research accepted 40 of these 54 respondents for the six-day Online Bulletin Board. The rest were on stand-by. The level of detail and insight, along with participants’ photographs of their garden, astounded the client. And even better, the whole process of completing both the quantitative and qualitative took only two weeks. Without this methodology, the project could have taken two or more months. 

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