Situation: An international manufacturer of healthcare products was in the process of developing and naming a new medical device. The company wanted to gauge product interest and understand which name being considered was most descriptive to all clinicians who would be using the product. It was important to learn how well potential users grasped the new product concept, possible circumstances when it would be considered and also which name was preferred and what it communicated.

Solution: What They Think Research conduced six two-day Online Bulletin Boards simultaneously in the U.S., England and Germany.

United States:

  • n=1 board of Podiatrists & Internists
  • n=1 board of Certified Wound Care Nurses

United Kingdom:

  • n=1 board of Podiatrists
  • n=1 board of Tissue Viability & District Nurses


  • n=1 board of Surgeons & Diabetologists
  • n=1 board of Wound Treatment Nurses

Participants viewed a detailed rendering of the device along with a written description and provided valuable feedback on how well the concept communicated its purpose, advantages, purchase drivers, opportunities for use and potential barriers to acceptance.

Result: The research identified a name that would appeal to clinicians internationally in weeks versus months, and at a much lower cost than in-person focus groups.

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