Situation: Good.Must.Grow., a socially responsible marketing agency that focuses on health + wellness, engaged What They Think Research to conduct a National Opinion Poll to gain insight into consumers’ purchase behavior as it relates to corporate social responsibility and to establish a baseline for future research.

Solution: What They Think Research developed a customized questionnaire and conducted an online survey with 1,015 consumers. The national sample was courtesy of ResearchNow. As part of the research design, What They Think Research worked with Good.Must.Grow. to develop a mechanism for gauging “conscious consumerism:” The Conscious Consumer Spending Index. The index will serve as a benchmark for comparison studies in the future.

Result: The research uncovered that consumers are getting much more serious about using their pocketbooks to drive positive change. Not only are consumers planning to increase the amount of goods and/or services they buy from socially responsible companies, they are specifically seeking out socially responsible companies, while avoiding buying products from a company because it is not socially responsible. Good.Must.Grow used the results from the study to provide insights to social businesses, particularly B Corps, about consumer perceptions and behaviors. Additionally, the survey results were featured on, in Entrepreneur Magazine, among others, and sparked numerous blog postings. 

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